Facebook for Business 101

Facebook for Business 101 - Find out the types of ads, prices, how to best optimize your ads, and nuggets of …

Content Strategy 2015

With 4 more months to 2015, here's some inspirations on how best to help you approach your content strategy 2015.

Kai Sushi & Grill

Kai Sushi & Grill Singapore is a Japanese eatery at Plaza Singapura that sells sushi. Among its signature dishes are salmon …

Harbin Ice Art in Singapore

I had a sneak peak during the pre-opening of Harbin Ice Art in Singapore. The hall, which occupies a 50,280 …
most haunted places in nepal

10 Most Haunted Places in Asia

10 most haunted places in Asia - In Asia and worldwide, such places have also spin off an interest in haunted …

The Cookie Museum

The Cookie Museum Singapore – Its Esplanade outlet serves free cookies and tea from 7 - 9pm, and what are our …

Weirdest Houses In the World

33 of the weirdest houses in the world! Visit some of these weird houses such as a tortoise-shaped residence and more …

The Lytro Camera Review

Travel-friendly and futuristic - the Lytro camera is the latest fad in quick and casual photography.

Travel Photography Tips and Tricks

Travel Photography Tips and Tricks - Create "light painting" images/crazy special effects images that your friends cannot figure out!

The Mysterious Angkor Wat

The Mysterious Angkor Wat - Located at the north-west of Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh, it was first discovered by French missionaries …
Grenada Underwater Park

10 Coolest Underwater Attractions

10 Coolest Underwater Attractions – Enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean beneath by spending a night under the sea in …